Why and how teachers use Yacapaca

Yacapaca is a formative assessment tool for teaching and learning. It uses many different formats of multiple-choice question to deliver instant grading, baselining and revision programmes.

Teachers use Yacapaca across a full age range from immediately post-literacy to adult learnings. They use it for starters, plenaries, three-part lessons, flipped classrooms, homework and revision.

Motivating for students

Students tend to get completely engrossed in Yacapaca quizzes, and that's no accident. Motivators are built in at every stage.

  • students set and manage their own targets
  • instant, formative, feedback guides them and challenges them to look deeper, learn more
  • students can optionally work in balanced teams, and watch a realtime leader-board on the classroom whiteboard.
  • every student has their own avatar, which can be upgraded fastest by thinking through each question carefully.
  • all quizzes are timed, and the timing is adjusted individually for the student, to help maintain optimum concentration.

Quick setup

Copy a list of students straight out of a spreadsheet or database. Paste the list into Yacapaca in one go, and you have created a student set. Print out ID Cards with the students' initial IDs and passwords to get them started quickly.

15,000 teacher-written quizzes

We believe Yacapaca contains the largest database of formative assessments in the world

  • Over 15,000 quizzes
  • Drawn from a database of approx. 130,000 questions
  • Covering 379 syllabi (Sept 2012 figures)

Preview and Assign in 4 clicks

Preview any quiz and assign it to a student set in just 4 clicks. Set a due date, number of attempts permitted and more. Now from your Assignments List, observe progress as it happens.

Set and receive written work online

Use yacapaca to set, receive and grade assignments online too, using our Quick Assignments.


Understand your class and your individual students with detailed analytics.

  • Progress over time, for individual students or the whole class
  • Timely feedback on attainment by topic and by key concept is essential for good lesson planning
  • Drill down to the level of how each student answered each question when you need to.

Share with other teachers

With Yacapaca's co-teach features, you can share classes and results within your department or your school.

Author your own quizzes and courses

If you can't find the exact quiz you want, create your own! Mix and match questions you have written with ones from our existing database. Improve existing questions with better feedback or appropriate images and sounds. 2,397 teachers are already successfully authoring and sharing quizzes within Yacapaca (Sept 2012 figure). We support 5 basic question types, each with many permutations:

  • Choose 1
  • Checkbox
  • Cloze (gap fill, with both strict and fuzzy match)
  • Pair match
  • Locate on an image

Incorporate sounds, images and formative feedback into your questions for a rich and absorbing student experience.

The Prizes! revision system based on Computer-Adaptive Testing (CAT)

Students' revision strategies are notoriously last-minute. Prizes! is a year-round revision system that builds knowledge progressively through repeating schedule based on the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve. Question difficulty is maintained at just the right level to continuously challenge the student using CAT, and timing is individually optimised to maintain their complete engagement. Motivation is further increased because students can earn real-world prizes like iPods through diligent revision. We ask parents to pay for Prizes!; it is not part of the standard service.