KS3 History
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Introductory : what’s it all about?
France 1789–94: why was there a revolution?
Industrial changes: action and reaction
The British Empire: how was it that, by 1900, Britain controlled nearly a quarter of the world?
Black peoples of America: from slavery to equality?
Divided Ireland: why has it been so hard to achieve peace in Ireland?
Hot war, cold war: why did the major twentieth-century conflicts affect so many people?
How and why did the Holocaust happen?
How did medieval monarchs keep control?
Twentieth-century medicine: how has it changed the lives of people?
The role of the individual: for good or ill?
How hard was life for medieval people in town and country?
How did the medieval church affect people’s lives?
Elizabeth I: how successfully did she tackle the problems of her reign?
What were the achievements of the Islamic states 600–1600?
Images of an age: what can we learn from portraits 1500–1750?
The civil wars: was England ‘turned upside down’ in the seventeenth century?